“Build the wall!”

Donald J. Trump

Ling Tight

This wall is impassable for Zerglings/Marines/Zealots/Drones


Zealot Tight

This wall is impassable for Zealots/Probes


Overlord Trick

Use the Overlord trick (select larvae together with an Overlord, press stop, wait for larvae to go left, and hatch a unit) to make this wall even better


Dragon Tight

Dragons can't get through this wall, we recommend destroying the blocking pylon or gateway later in the game


Anti Hydra Bust

A good wall to hold Hydra Busts, could be worse for blocking Zerglings



Use your micro and simcity to fend off the Zealots! The gap between barracks and supply is passable for Marines but not for Zealots


Gas Trick

Building a gas extractor makes the gap passable



This might be the best possible wall, but it's weak and requires caution


About cannon placement

Korean progamers build cannons differently based on the position they are spawned. Some of the positions don't allow for many cannons to be placed, while it's crucial when defending against the 3 hatch hydra build.

Building them up against a wall makes them easier to be sniped by range less hydras, but building them one hex off is harder for building many cannons and making the way passable by units. Putting them one back also helps against small numbers of zerglings. If they get past and try to run up the ramp, they can sometimes cover more area. However, if it is a large number of lings, they are easier to surround.